It is made of breathable moisture absorbing material that is environmentally friendly foam shaping, to ensure that your hands.Installation: Place the upper end of the steering cover on top of the steering wheel, press and hold the upper part of the steering cover, and gradually push the sides of the steering cover to the side of the steering wheel.Cleaning: With a soft animal brush to remove the surface dust and dirt, if pollution is more serious, you can gently rub evenly to the quartet to remove the dirt. Once a week with dry towel after wringing dry, repeated several times to wipes


Driving a long distance, the moisture sweat is annoying, this steering wheel cover with breathable moisture-absorbing material, sandwich moisture-absorbing material, PU leather, texture, light, soft, moisture free to bring a comfortable ride to enjoy.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Available Colors

Ash, Black, Milk


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