– Easy to install, easy to clean.
– Protection of the original seat.
– Does not affect the air B outlet air.
– Breathable material, good for the skin, comfortable.
– Exquisite edges, avoid wear.
– Healthy and tasteless.


  • Simulation of the human body lumbar curve: Maintain the S-shaped curve of the spine, relieve pressure on the spine, and effectively relieve car fatigue
  • The contact area covers a large number of massage cylinder, which is beneficial for the blood circulation of the human body, relieves driving fatigue, improves driving safety.
  • Uniform cushion design, makes the cushion more holistic, beautiful environment, installation is comfortable, durable without fracture.
  • High quality fabric, exquisite package edge technology, make the seat more durable.
  • High elastic elastic used in the fixed seat, front hanging buckle design, makes the seat more stable, no displacement.


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