Dress your helm to match or accent your interior with a high-quality steering wheel cover. Crafted from the finest, most rugged materials, our steering wheel covers come in many stylish finishes. And, these steering wheel covers fit your wheel.


  •  This steering wheel cover is made of only the best materials available in this price range. This steering wheel cover is manufactured in Japan and stored in the USA..
  •  This product comes with a lifetime warranty that is guaranteed by the manufacturer. This warranty protects your product from manufacturer defects..
  • Many drivers claim that comfort is the only appeal of steering wheel covers, but studies have shown that adding Steering wheel covers should never interfere with safety or with the deployment of the airbag behind the steering wheel. Anyone who is considering adding one should check with the car’s manufacturer or in the owner’s manual to find out about safety requirements..
  •  Few things are worse than climbing into a freezing cold driver’s seat for an early morning commute during the winter months. Such cold temperatures can make it extremely difficult to grip the steering wheel comfortably. Luckily, a steering wheel cover can provide extra cushion and warmth for your hands..

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Available Colors

Ash, Black, Brown, Milk


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