Mercedes Benz full Cover Double Layer Leather Mat W22 & W21



This is a special dual-use pad for the car, all computer models, the version is very accurate. The place of origin is Fuzhou, Fujian.

The product is divided into 2 layers.

The lower layer is fully surrounded by leather feet, and the material used is leather + composite sponge + XPE + non-slip bottom.

The upper layer is a tasteless and environmentally friendly wire ring foot pad. The driver’s seat has an anti-slip pedal.

The upper and lower layers are connected by a knob. If the upper wire loop is dirty, it can be removed and cleaned by turning the knob. The lower layer of leather can also be used independently.

The main features of the product are 1. Unscented 2. The leather is made of wear-resistant Hermès leather.3. Special car, precise version.

The production process is cut and formed by leather. It is different from the one that is formed in the market.

Please carefully read the details page before the purchase, the specific model can call us. We strive to match the model completely, so please inform the model, the year of production, the color of the product.

This is a custom product and does not support returns.

The price of the product is 5 seats.


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