1. Durable rubber material.
These heavy rubber liners protect the interior of your vehicle. The product can be used in all seasons, heavy rubber material and deep surface lines can protect your car from rain, snow and mud. The mats have strong adhesion, can be stable, and are not easy to change.
2. Can be used in all climates, resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, not easy to deform.
The special material of the heavy rubber structure makes this car mat easy to clean and easy to use. Because structural molecules are stable and less affected by the external environment, the original shape can remain unchanged for a long time.



  • Easy to clean and durable: clean dirt and mud from the pad with just a common hose; Maintenance-free, the durability of the mats can be maintained for a long time.
  • All-season car floor covering: The product is made of high-quality, odorless rubber and designed to prevent high-temperature or low-temperature deformation and corrosion resistance, it will also not bring the peculiar smell in the car , keep the car environment cool.
  • Strong grip and safety enhancement: strong adhesion, can be effectively fixed on the ground, the use of the process is not easy to change, and more secure.

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Weight 7.5 kg


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