For TOYOTA Lupar 5w 4th Generation 2x LED Car Door Laser Projector Ghost Shadow Step Light Logo (Fits:TOYOTA)


  • Material Type: Aluminium Alloy and Projection lens
  • Voltage:12V-24V DC Power / Wattage:5W
  • Length of Logo Approx. 38mm(1.5″)X 18.5mm(0.73″)
  • Compatible with most vehicles but ensure to have enough installation space on your door panel
  • 4th. generation design is much smaller than previous styles and making it easy to install.
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1.Brand new Car light improve scheme
2.This product is specially designed for auto modification fancier; Precision-Leds purpose to bring more driving fun to drivers;
3.The product can be installed at the body kit, chassis or other suitable place,seeing your lovely car logo once you open the doors;
4.Special design cause the product with strict waterproof and thermal performance,which will make sure the normal service in various harsh environment;
5.Presenting amazing fashion light & shade visual experience for you;
6.You can install inside car to shine on the front 2 carmats,very special.

Technical specifications:
1.Output power:5W(each lamp)
2.Rated voltage:DC 12V and 24V
3.Working temperature: -40 centigrade to +105 centigrade
4.Door projecter/Logo Length:38mm(1.5″)X 18.5mm(0.73″)

How to Install:
1.Dismantle the cover of the car door.
2.Drill a hole at the bottom of the cover of the car door with a drill.
3.Fix the light to the cover of the car door.
4.Connect the light wires with the car door light and verify the polarity is correct.
5.Cover the car door. The installation is complete.

Package Includes:
2 x Car Door Welcome Light
1 x Accessories


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