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Best engine oil for topup,if the engine oil level goes down before the servicing period then this engine oil is best to topup the level to its marked volume. I wont recomend any 1 to use this whole bottle to fill the chamber of engine with this oil as its not good for running engine solely on this oil as this oil has very low viscosity amd would do more bad then good.

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  • In a blind perceptive survey, 90 percentage of DRIVERS and bikers agree that POWERMAX makes their bikes run smoother
  • Provides 33 percentage cleaner pistons, ensuring the piston rings move more freely
  • Provides optimized clutch control with JASO MA specification
  • In tough road trial of 11,000 KMs, pistons with Shell advance AX5 emerged cleaner than 3 other competitors
  • Meets API SL performance specification


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