Environment-friendly materials, no bad smells, anti-slip, easy installation.
Dash Cover defend your dashboard against cracking, discoloration and glare.
Covers Crafted durable, colorfast, non-shrinking needle-punch carpet
In Winter, minimum temperature difference, protect dashboard from cold.
In Summer, Cools vehicle’s temperature ,blocking UV rays from heating-up dash.
Dashmat completely protect your dash board in perfect condition.


  • ►CUSTOM DESIGN-Laser measured carpet dash cover custom fit to your truck. Your A/C vents, and sensors will not get covered up.
  • ►PROTECT – The harmful rays of the sun are notorious for zapping the life from a dashboard. Our dashboard cover prevent your dash from cracking and dirt or hide the damage already done. Soft Foss fiber dash mat will not fray or unravel,lifetime warranty from fraying and fading.
  • ►SAFE-The reflection of sunshine and the light from the opposite traffic from your dashboard onto the windshield, makes a drive fall easy victim of traffic accidents. Our Dash carpet will reduce such reflection to the maximum, guard your driving safety.
  • ►EASY INSTALLATION-Very easy 5 minute installation.The carpet dash in the image was installed using all the Velcro tabs that are included. Held in place using Velcro tabs eliminating slippage.

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