liquid car wash is high quality liquid wash which effectively remove oil, greese, stain and leave lasting lemon fragrance and washes car even brighter, shining and sparkling

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  • ONE GIVES 10X SUPER FOAMING. A drop is enough for one bucket of water. Get upto 100 washes with one bottle! With Extra Strong Heavy Duty Sponge.
  • CLEANS TOUGHEST, STAINS, grease and oil marks with tree sap, bird dropping, road grime, tar and contaminants easily without damage the surface. The large pores of the sponge trap dirt and make it faster to wash out.
  • IDEAL FOR FOAM or Snow Foam Wash and also great for a regular bucket wash.
  • Use to CLEAN your Car, Bike, Yatch, Plastic Items, Cupboards, Wall, Floor, Cabinets, Glass, Railing etc. Use on PU, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Gel Coat, Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl, Dashboard, Metalized Plastic, Laminate, Sealed Wood, Stone, Metal and Glass.


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