Premium 7” Inches Rearview Car LCD Monitor by Pyle – Parking Monitor Assistant with Wireless Remote Control

The Pyle PLHR70 provides you with convenient vehicle video display screen placement. The 7” LCD full color widescreen monitor features dual RCA video inputs to connect two different video sources. Included accessory kit includes power and wiring harness, monitor stand and housing shroud for optional installation in headrests or side panels. Configure your video using the wireless remote control or use the front panel button controls.

  • 7” Inch LCD Display
  • Full Color Wide Screen Monitor
  • Dual RCA Video Inputs
  • Ability to Connect an Additional Video Source
  • Includes Wireless Remote Control Wiring Harness Stand Shroud
  • Can be Installed in Headrest via Shroud Housing Case Frame
  • Used for Vehicle Automobile Mobile Application
  • Perfect for Backup Camera Monitoring
  • Front Panel Button Controls
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  • PARK SAFELY & EFFORTLESSLY! – With this unique rearview camera monitor, you will now be able to easily park your car or automobile even in the tiniest parking spots, without risking damaging it and ruining your day or night!
  • UNIVERSAL VEHICLE ACCESSORY! – It doesn’t matter which car model you own, with its dimensions measuring 7.6”W x 5.2”H x 1.0”D, this exquisite parking camera can be used in a multitude of vehicles and is guaranteed to make your life a lot easier
  • OUTSTANDING IMAGE QUALITY! – With a full color, wide screen, 7” inches, high quality LCD Display, our car rear view monitor will give you an excellent idea of your surroundings, providing you with excellent image quality!
  • FULL COMPLETE INSTALLATION PACKAGE! – It comes to you with everything you need; wireless remote control, wiring harness, stand and a housing shroud – so it can also be installed in your headrest via shroud housing case frame (power: DV 12V)!
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION QUALITY! – We, at Pyle, make a point of using just the best quality materials and up-to-date construction processes for our rearview mirror monitors, so that we can be sure they will rise up to your highest standards!

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