185/65R15 Tyre


AFRICAN STATETECH A-S Fuel efficiency, Ride comfort in wet traction, Road handling androad manners, Predictability, and ease of control, Minimal impact, Design to work for all seasons

  • P185/65R15
  • 50,000 MILE
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1. 4 wide longitudinal grooves 4 wide longitudinal grooves provide good drainage performance, keep excellent handling performance in wet road

2. Grooves with different thickness and sipes design Grooves with different thickness and sipes design can destroy water film to guarantee the drainage performance effectively,and reduce noise greatly,providing a comfortable driving experience.

3. High-speed handling stability The middle portion continuous strong tire tread ribs can improve the steering stability and straight performance at high speeds, to ensure stability and security.

4. Closed Slanted Grooves Closed slanted grooves can disturb the spread direction of noise to decrease noise. Closed slanted grooves also can provide stability during cornering

5. Silent pitch and sequence design Optimization of pitch width and sequence effectively reduce the noise resonance, resulting in a quieter ride.

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